Corporate & Academic Quality Assurance

Content Strategy, Management, Delivery.

Increasing regulation (in the corporate world) and competition (in both business and academia) has led to the need for improved quality assurance at all levels. This can include training of staff, documentation presented to journals (academia), client documentation (corporate research, presentations, research papers, legal opinions), or your investors (pitches, performance updates, fund semi annual and annual reports, annual accounts).

Corporate Quality Assurance: Training, Financial & Business English, and Presentation Proficiency

Corporate Quality Assurance: Editing, Proofreading, Copy Writing

Academic Quality Assurance: Academic Editing & Proofreading

Professional Editing, Copywriting, Proofreading, and Content Design

Editing (corporate and academic), ProofreadingGrant Writing, Research, White Papers, Tender & Bid SubmissionContent WritingBlog Management, ICO Writing

“Content design is a way of thinking. It’s about using data and evidence to give the audience what they need, at the time they need it and in a way they expect.”


Clarity through exhaustive editing

An accurate examination of what is required...

What exactly is editing and what does it involve?

Editing requires focusing on the content of the text. The key goals are to check that the text: 

  • flows logically;

  • is coherent and consistent;

  • forms a meaningful whole;

  • is clearly expressed;

  • is accurate in the information it provides;

  • has an appropriate tone;

  • is concise;

  • makes its purpose clear;

  • is targeted towards the reader.


The Proofreading Experts

Meticulous, thorough, efficient, and punctual...

A well-polished piece of writing can mean the difference between a new client, the degree you have been striving for, getting published, or that perfect job.

“Proofreading involves checking over the text in finer detail after the editing stage, to detect errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and format.”

University of Oxford


Content Management Competence

Relevant, researched content for your business...

The Write Writing will make it easy for you to do your work while we look after all your writing and content needs.

We will write all your content, your white papers, newsletters, marketing materials, press releases, short e-books, or even internal and external corporate communications. 

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