Corporate & Academic Quality Assurance

Content Strategy, Management, Delivery.

Increasing regulation (in the corporate world) and competition (in both business and academia) has led to the need for improved quality assurance at all levels. This can include training of staff, documentation presented to journals (academia), client documentation (corporate research, presentations, research papers, legal opinions), or your investors (pitches, performance updates, fund semi annual and annual reports, annual accounts).

Corporate Quality Assurance: Training, Financial & Business English, and Presentation Proficiency

Corporate Quality Assurance: Editing, Proofreading, Copy Writing

Academic Quality Assurance: Academic Editing & Proofreading

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The Finance Director & Partner

I honestly think that through our lessons with The Write Writing my spoken English has vastly improved. Additionally, the material you put together (Language of Meetings) is a fantastic tool for everyday business English. 

Furthermore, I have found that your assistance in editing our presentations and papers which we present to clients has added clarity and conciseness to our work...

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The Market Intelligence Specialists

Julian's not just a great copywriter and proofreader, but he is also a quick learner who is always available - which helps tremendously when you work against the clock. His ability to understand our specific industry, the nuance of our services and learn the right marketing angle was much appreciated. We also liked that he was there to consult and advise when we weren't sure how to communicate our services or issues the right way...

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The Award-winning Ph.D. Student

It is my honor to give my fullest recommendation for Julian from The Write Writing for any proofreading job where the highest quality is needed. Before I found Julian, I had been using many different proofreaders for different projects, never quite being happy with the work done. Ever since I found Julian, I never again had to consider whom to hire for proofreading my texts. Nowadays, I couldn't even imagine hiring somebody else...

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