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Clients include Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and leading scientific and educational journals; we can manage your content, provide editorial services on various levels from simple proofreading to line editing and more.

Academic Editing and proofreading of theses, white papers, and PhD research papers;

Editing amd Proofreading Manuals;


Article Writing;

Blog Writing and blog management on Wordpress and other major blogging platforms.


Negotiating the online advertising maze: Google AdWords vs. Content Marketing

Advertising on the internet can be the make or break for any business or brand these days, but how do you decide where your marketing budget is best spent? Should it go towards Google AdWords or should you spend it on creative content? The key to making your budget go that extra mile is to learn a little about both so that you can tailor your advertising campaign and take advantage of the best of what both strategies have to offer.

Think of Google AdWords as the sprinter in a race and Content Marketing as the long distance runner. In a business, you want your services to be out there quickly and efficiently, and Google AdWords will, at a price, get you in front of potential clients and customers instantly. However, if your website contains nothing interesting, i.e. creative and engaging content, then they are just one click away from another search and your money is wasted.

On the other hand, Content Marketing is usually the cheaper, though slower option, and means creating content on your website that engages your readers, and potential customers. It is informative and contains just the right balance of gentle marketing and relevant information about your brand or product. What’s more, it improves your search rankings organically and the longer you keep it up, generally the better your search rankings.

So, it is not a question of choosing one over the other, but actually combining both strategies to achieve your marketing goals quickly and efficiently with Google AdWords and keeping those customers coming back with creative Content Marketing.