Professional Editing & Proofreading Service

Native English Editing & Proofreading

Clients include Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and leading scientific and educational journals; we can manage your content, provide editorial services on various levels from simple proofreading to line editing and more.

Academic Editing and proofreading of theses, white papers, and PhD research papers;

Editing amd Proofreading Manuals;


Article Writing;

Blog Writing and blog management on Wordpress and other major blogging platforms.


What time should I post to maximize my audience?

One doesn't really think of a specific time to post something when looking at increasing the marketing reach of your small business, blog or just in general. Studies have shown that posting at specific times is the key to increasing the reach of that great article you have written or have had written for you and a smart way of increasing traffic and engaging customers.

All people have habits and certainly, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other platform users have their own lifestyles that need catering to actually engage them and make them read what you have taken valuable time to write. Why post on Facebook when your content will just be ignored because most of your potential readers are busy working, or sleeping or even worse, on Twitter at that time?

Check out these cool infographics which will help you post your articles and engage real readers at times that are convenient for them... Simple rules for greater reach.

 That's the name of the game!