Corporate & Academic Quality Assurance

Content Strategy, Management, Delivery.

Increasing regulation (in the corporate world) and competition (in both business and academia) has led to the need for improved quality assurance at all levels. This can include training of staff, documentation presented to journals (academia), client documentation (corporate research, presentations, research papers, legal opinions), or your investors (pitches, performance updates, fund semi annual and annual reports, annual accounts).

Corporate Quality Assurance: Training, Financial & Business English, and Presentation Proficiency

Corporate Quality Assurance: Editing, Proofreading, Copy Writing

Academic Quality Assurance: Academic Editing & Proofreading

Why pay for freelance writing and editing?

A friend observed recently that their employer, a small software development company, had issued a mandate requiring that all documentation meet strict standards of excellence. "I went to school to learn to program; I was never good at English," he said, just before revealing the real reason I had been invited to lunch: "Can I send stuff to you to proofread since you're much better at it?"

I smiled and put down my fork, and looked him in the eye and said "Sure, but I'll have to charge you." He blanched, but recovered quickly. "I was hoping … " he faltered. I patted his hand. "I'll tell you what," I offered. "How about if you design me an app in exchange for my work?"

I wasn't joking, even though he laughed, but he quickly realized that what I meant was that I don't work for free - even for friends; and his initial sense of unease at the thought of having to do something he excelled at in exchange for my services must have given him pause because he said, "Oh. I see your point." What he assumed was something I like to do for fun is my profession, not my hobby. Just because I'm the best person for the job doesn't mean he should expect me to do it for free.

And yet this is what people assume "freelance" means: that we work for free - or for very little money - and while our profession has sadly experienced the same outsourcing practices that huge corporations have been engaging in for well over two decades, we have also seen a decline in the quality of the work. When you want clear, accurate, UK or American English, you would be well invested in spending money on quality services performed by people who are experts in their field, and the Write Writing is more than just a cheap blogging service; we are wordsmiths, and firmly believe that one gets what one pays for.

We writers and editors probably have a greater passion for the written word, writ properly, thanmost people and there's no denying that we are branded as "grammar nazis," especially on social networking sites where the rules of English grammar and usage are loose at best. But even a quick pass of Facebook reveals memes designed to grammar-shame.

So yes, we are also a proud lot, and we are on a mission to correct every typo and awkward sentence structure we see. No public document, from the sign in the grocers to restaurant menus, websites, phone apps; not even the news ticker at the bottom of the television screen is safe from our discerning eyes. You can be sure we will treat your writing projects with the same critical eyes.

It's like good workplace behavior: you want to always put your best foot forward in business attitude and attire, and so you should consider making sure your documents also adhere to high professional standards. After all, it speaks to your ethos if you have work that is beautifully executed and flawless. Consider us for your next project.