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Corporate & Academic Quality Assurance: On-site Business & Financial English Training, Editing, Copy Writing, Proofreading

Increasing regulation (in the corporate world) and competition (in both business and academia) has led to the need for improved quality assurance at all levels. This can include training of staff, documentation presented to journals (academia), client documentation (corporate research, presentations, research papers, legal opinions), or your investors (pitches, performance updates, fund semi annual and annual reports, annual accounts).

Corporate Quality Assurance: Training, Financial & Business English, and Presentation Proficiency

Corporate Quality Assurance: Editing, Proofreading, Copy Writing

Academic Quality Assurance: Academic Editing & Proofreading

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Agencies and Clients: Rules to Content Marketing Success

When designing a content marketing strategy for your clients, it’s imperative to set up your parameters for success. This helps in creating a well mapped and goal oriented campaign for any client. Focussing on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) helps that focus and defines the strategy for every client. Here are a four steps to help measure content marketing success for you and your agency:

1.       Their business plan, their goals

Make sure you identify the reason for the content marketing prior to designing the content marketing plan with specific targets and goals meeting the needs of their plan. Recognizing their needs whether conversion rates or corporate marketing can mean the difference between a targeted and haphazard content marketing strategy.

2.       Evaluate and choose the best Content Source

The success of any content strategy is based on the quality of the content first and foremost. Sourcing and identifying the best content provider, whether in-house or a company, like The Write Writing will increase customer engagement and enhance your client’s brand.

3.       Keep the Client in the loop

Keeping clients regularly updated and letting them know what you are doing helps to increase their confidence in your abilities. Be succinct and keep it simple and relevant. Direct and clear advice and updates will make the client-agency relationship prosper.

4.       Analyse and Measure results

Timing is everything so set dates for analysing and measuring your content marketing plan. Measuring metrics and providing easy to understand data to your client will vastly aid the decision-making process. E.g. look at bounce rates from your social media pages to help improve landing pages. If tweets not having the desired effect then finding more engaging content providers is necessary.

Credible Content is worth its weight in gold

Content is the food that drives traffic to your website and it is the fuel which drives business growth. However, it often falls prey to constant repetition, poor research and a general lack of credibility. We all know that being an expert in your own industry is the key to success and it also shows you are the best at what you do. Creating the best content to match your abilities and expertise takes patience, credibility and research - you have to know what you are talking about and back that up with a real strategy to provide an informed opinion for your readers and clients. This informed opinion is vital to getting them coming back time and time again. So here are our top tips on how to boost your views and click-throughs by providing credible, engaging and creative content for your website.


Use reputable sources 

Writing for clients requires knowledge, knowledge which you probably have, however, using authoritative and credible sources to back up your views, ideas or content requires research and something more: a source of repute. This means quoting directly from university research papers, or well reputed industry sources and not just quoting a headline from the newspaper. Make sure you research your work properly and back it up with a direct quote from that trade industry organization or government data. 

Remember, dont quote from a quote, take a little time out to research your content and use relevant, authoritative and credible sources - this will make you sound like you know your stuff in-depth and not just a cursory knowledge. Moreover, your clients will be able to tell straight away and will hold you, or your website in higher regard and keep coming back for more.


Use infographics and statistics 

Statistics are great to use to prove your point, but remember that they are only as good as how recent they are and tend to get outdated quickly. Again, stick to the rule above and make your statistics shine out by incorporating them into infographics. Infographics are not only informative, but naturally get the reader to "interact" with your content and are the easiest way of engaging the reader.


Use Industry Experts where you can 

Like statistics, Subject matter experts, or SMEs as they are also known, can provide useful data and information on their industry specialty. Moreover, they can also make your content sound more authoritative and credible. 

Your use of SMEs for your paper, research report or website content not only make you stand out from the crowd, but also provide a valuable knowledge base for your readers and for the future (remember many future readers will also be able to utilize the expertise of your SME and website). 

And last but not least, do check all your facts and edit your document. There is nothing worse than having blatant factual errors and poor spelling and grammar. The Content Marketing Institute is a great source of knowledge on the subject of proving that factual, relevant and well written content is worth its "weight in gold."

Negotiating the online advertising maze: Google AdWords vs. Content Marketing

Advertising on the internet can be the make or break for any business or brand these days, but how do you decide where your marketing budget is best spent? Should it go towards Google AdWords or should you spend it on creative content? The key to making your budget go that extra mile is to learn a little about both so that you can tailor your advertising campaign and take advantage of the best of what both strategies have to offer.

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