Corporate & Academic Quality Assurance

Content Strategy, Management, Delivery.

Increasing regulation (in the corporate world) and competition (in both business and academia) has led to the need for improved quality assurance at all levels. This can include training of staff, documentation presented to journals (academia), client documentation (corporate research, presentations, research papers, legal opinions), or your investors (pitches, performance updates, fund semi annual and annual reports, annual accounts).

Corporate Quality Assurance: Training, Financial & Business English, and Presentation Proficiency

Corporate Quality Assurance: Editing, Proofreading, Copy Writing

Academic Quality Assurance: Academic Editing & Proofreading

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Negotiating the online advertising maze: Google AdWords vs. Content Marketing

Advertising on the internet can be the make or break for any business or brand these days, but how do you decide where your marketing budget is best spent? Should it go towards Google AdWords or should you spend it on creative content? The key to making your budget go that extra mile is to learn a little about both so that you can tailor your advertising campaign and take advantage of the best of what both strategies have to offer.

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